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Its headquarters are in Zurich.

No, the certification bodies only provide information about the procedure of the certification. Consultations are exclusively foregone in the sense of objective examinations by the certifier. The Qualitop office can provide you with addresses of counselling centres.

You can download the Qualitop standards free of charge from this website. The version of this website is also the only and currently valid version of the Qualitop standards.

You will find the current requirements for the trainers in the respective standards.

Qualitop is basically a certificate for organizations or individual providers. Each organization or individual provider is a certification unit. In the case of large organizations, however, it may be appropriate to define individual departments as separate certification units.

An overview of the costs, which vary according to the three categories of procedure. The respective certifier will be happy to provide you with specific information.

Organizations that already use a different quality management system and have corresponding certificates do not automatically receive the Qualitop certificate. Equivalences Providers: